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Unicorn and Princesses

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

As a Mom of a 4 year old toddler, I kinda have an idea of what little kids in that age like and dislike. Boys are crazy about Paw Patrol, and girls just absolutely LOVE Unicorns.

So I came up with the idea of some Unicorn and Princess theme for my next overdue equine fantasy photo shoot.

After contacting some local equine friends, I was able to find a beautiful white Quarter horse named Jasper, that looked just perfect for this part. His owners are heavily involved in natural horsemanship and showing, so Jasper was perfectly trained and was a charm to work with, especially around little kids.

Unicorn Jasper with Princess Nora:

I had three little girls that were all Unicorn obsessed: Nora (6 yrs), and sisters Olivia (5 yrs) and Becca (3 yrs). They were all in love with this big white horse, especially 5 year old Olivia did not want to stop riding him!

Sisters Olivia and Becca

These equine fantasy photo shoots also give me an opportunity to play around with my editing techniques. Sometimes I went back and forth and could not decide on my "fairytale style". Here is an example: dark or light. I posted it on Facebook and created a poll. The dark version was definitely the crowd favorite. Which one would you prefer?

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