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Meet Allegra, a stunning "Black Beauty" mare in the current Appalachian Trainer Face Off

This almost 17 hands tall Percheron Mare named Allegra stole my heart with her sweet and soft eyes from the moment I first saw her standing in the stall. Not much is known about this 12 yrs old Black Beauty, other than she came from a large draft horse seizure. When "Heart of Phoenix" rescued her, she was extremely thin, had bad feet and was mostly unhandled.

Tinia Creamer, owner of "Heart of Phoenix" horse rescue saw potential in Allegra and paired her with the knowledgeable driving and draft horse trainer Kevin Tempus for the "The Appalachian Trainer Face OFF" in the showcase division. You can find the team #Hopteamallegra on the weekend of August 21-23rd at the Winfield arena, where she will be available for adoption.

I was seriously impressed with how well Allegra listened to Kevin's commands and cues during our equine photo session. She was laser focused, curious and stood better than many other horses I photographed. Kevin, in a very short period of time, has done a phenomenal job with her, building a solid foundation of fundamentals in her training allowing her to move forward in any direction in her future!

Are you intrigued about Allegra and want to follow her journey? Click here:*F

To find out more about other available horses from the Appalachian Trainer Face off 2020, check out their FB page: 2020 Appalachian Trainer Face Off Adoption Auction & Competition!

Can't wait to see, where her journey will take her!

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