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Maternity Photo Session with my bestie Laural and Joel

Two weeks ago, I made a very quick trip to Springfield, Missouri to my bestie Laural and her husband Joel for their baby shower! The 10-hour drive for only a three day trip was long, but being there for her and catching up with familiar faces was priceless.

Laural, Joel and I have known each other for over 10 years. We met online :)....LOL via a horse website. Back in 2007, Laural was selling her young Quarter Horse Broker and when I saw his ad, I immediately fell in love with this beautiful Palomino. I then lived in Las Vegas, and she was located in Iowa. Laural never in a million years believed I would actually buy him and ship him back with me to Las Vegas :).

Well, guess who followed?

Laural and Joel moved to Vegas and we became really good friends! We even started our own mobile horse tack business, which was called "Embellishments Tack". Our homemade organic fly spray was sold in several horse supply stores.

Eventually Laural and Joel moved back East, and I moved to Reno, NV. Anyways, back to her Maternity Pictures. Here are some of her favorite picks:

The first photo series is from the evening when I arrived. We immediately rushed to a nearby park to catch the last hours of sunset:

The next morning we wanted to catch the morning light and drove to the Botanical Garden in Springfield, MI. Laural wore a beautiful blue satin Maternity dress for this photo session.

Baby Update:

On the evening of Halloween, Laural and Joel welcomed a healthy baby girl named Honor Kay! By the way, Halloween is their absolute favorite Holiday to celebrate. What a great story!

I know for sure, that Honor will never run out of candy on her birthday :). Big Congratulations on their new addition.

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