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Horse & Rider Magazine Summer 2019

Magazine publishes several of my equine massage therapy images.

Horse & Rider Magazine features my equine massage images
Lucan, my 4 year old boy with Horse & Rider Magazine

When I saw the Summer 2019 issue for the Horse & Rider Magazine in my mail box yesterday, I wasn't even sure if the editorial article about equine massage therapy made it into the issue or not. The original date of release was supposed to be Spring 2019, but then I was told it wouldn't run until the Fall issue. I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw them in this issue!

Last year, Kaely Juzek, current Miss Reno Rodeo 2018 and I got together to take some images for her Equine Massage Therapy business. I also needed some Personal Branding images for my portfolio and wanted some equine related lifestyle business images that would show her in a setting as she books appointments and works on her day to day tasks.

We met at Hub Coffee Roasters in Reno, NV, a beautiful independent coffee shop located right next to the Truckee River and started shooting in her business outfit.

By the time we got all the detailed shots, she probably had 5 coffee's. We then went outside and took some in the pretty setting outside.

The next day we did our equine massage shoot, out in Washoe Valley, NV at Rugged R Ranch. The valley is surrounded by the beautiful snow covered Sierra Nevada Mountain range and has a stunning landscape, from rugged desert brushes to lush green Pine trees up on the mountain range. However, high winds in the afternoon are very common! Sometimes they worked to my advantage and added a nice texture to the images.

I documented her entire session so she would have plenty of images she could use for her social media and post as she needs to discuss problem zones and affects of an equine massage. Her model was truly enjoying it and reacted as expected with lots of big yawns and soft relaxed eyes. Kaely also wanted several images for her banners for Facebook and to add her business:

After my edits of the sessions, I told Kaely that the images looks so good that I will send them to the editor of the Horse & Rider magazine and see if they could use them. Sure enough, the editor and art director loved them and told me they would use them in an upcoming editorial article about equine massage in 2019. That was Spring 2018, before Kaely was crowned Miss Reno Rodeo.

Fast forward today, the issue is finally out!

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