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Horse Illustrated | April 2020

Updated: May 15, 2020

If you receive the Horse Illustrated magazine, make sure you turn to pg. 24-26 and read all about "The "Appalachian Trainer Face Off", a very special horse rescue program created by Heart of Phoenix owner Tinia Creamer in West Virginia. This amazing 100 day make over program gives rescue horses a second chance! This article features several of my images taken during the event.

Horse trainer is scratching her horse during training
Horse Illustrated April 2019, Heart of Phoenix horse with trainer Kaylynn

Left full page image: Kaylynn Mollohan with #HOPTeamMinka

Right image: trainer is picking his horse for the program

When I learned about the #ATFO, I was literally ALL over it, because I instantly understood the importance and impact this event would have. I knew it was magazine worthy and that it should be talked about on a much wider and bigger scale, which ultimately would help promote this successful competition.

Image taken during the Appalachian Trainer Face off
Horse Illustrated April 2019, article about the Appalachian Trainer Face off

Top image: Erin O'Neil on her #HOPEverest

I followed several trainers for the duration of the program and wrote three separate blogs capturing their journey, obstacles and successes.

You can catch up and read my blogs here:

1. The Appalachian Trainer Face Off | The Beginning

2. #ATFO | The challenge hit their 30 day mark!

3. The #ATFO Appalachian Trainer Face Off Challenge nears the end

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