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Fairytale Photography with Princess Mahailyn and her pony Kenny

fairytale princess with white pony during equine photo shoot

When a friend calls and asks, if you could take pictures of her little grand daughter in a princess dress and her beloved white pony, you scream loud yes! So, did I!

Seriously, isn't it every little girl's dream to be a princess for one day, pretending to live in a fairytale and riding around your kingdom?

Mahailyn's dream came true, when I showed up last week at her door steps with a floral arrangement for her hair. Her Grand Ma Danyeil and I have been planning this shoot for probably almost a year, believe it or not. Whenever we scheduled a date, it would rain or Mahailyn's plans had changed last minute. She and her mom live in Ohio and come visit occasionally here and there, and sometimes on short notice. So, this time we made it work last minute, although we almost got rained out again.

I found this beautiful little grass area and started off with posing her around Kenny to get her more comfortable with me and the camera. She wasn't shy at all and handled Kenny like a pro.

Then we moved to a sitting pose. We found a perfect spot for her to sit down, fixed her dress, then added Kenny behind her and simply let her snuggle up on him. I barely gave directions and just let her do her thing.

These two are just so adorable together. You can tell, she is heads over heels in love with her pony! They truly share a very deep bond, many other riders wish to have with their horse.

Now it was time to get on Kenny!

Here are some more of my favorites shots:

Interested in a fairytale princess shoot with your little girl and horse? Contact me via FB, my website or email me at

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