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Equine Maternity Photo Session with Megan and her horse Glory

🥰 This.Maternity.Shoot 🥰

This soon-to-be Mommy Megan Montalto deserves all the bubbles with strawberries dipped in chocolate she wants, because Megan while heavily pregnant and ready to give birth, totally rocked this equine maternity shoot. In addition, her 17 yrs old mare Glory gave her a run for ther money, cos "ears-up" did not exist in this horse's book! 😂

Big thanks goes out to her sister Alice Keaton, who jumped out of bushes, waved heavy branches and smashed pots, to get her attention.

Previously, Megan lost her three horses in a tragic barn fire. She then purchased Glory in 2007. They both loved to barrel race! The previous owners of Glory actually became a very important part of Megan's life and she feels like, it was somehow meant to be.

Here are some of her favorite images:

We also did some family portraits with her husband Donnie. Megan warnt me about him being camera shy, but I think they both nailed their pictures. What a great memory to look back at. I am glad I captured these moments for them:

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Megan gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Donald Lee Lambert IV on Friday, Sept 13th, 2019 at 5.55pm! VERY coincidentally, my 4 year old boy was born on a Friday the 13th as well! :)

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