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5 Affordable Gift Ideas For All Horse Lovers!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Every year, I chase myself trying to find really neat gifts for my family and friends. But then you also have your horse friends and barn buddies, you want to give something special to. I totally know, how you feel, because I am in the same situation! Always on the run, and over loaded with Facebook ads in your scroll about the latest gadgets you should have.

Well, let me help you with some unique gifts I offer straight from my own online store with my equine photography, and maybe I can make your shopping easier this year.

Store Link:


Seriously, who doesn't need more Unicorn stuff for their little girl? :) Or your next door barn buddy who always wears that one Unicorn shirt to the barn? You know, who I mean.

How about a super soft 50x60 fleece or sherpa Unicorn blanket, that makes your movie night a total win? Warm feet guaranteed! Right now on Sale for $30, usually $55. (Limited Time Special)

Browse my inventory: coffee mugs, shower curtains, yoga mats, iPhone cases, pillows, towels, greeting cards and more. All with this cute Unicorn design!

Browse my "Unicorn Collection" here:

2. Horse Treat Pouches

Are you like me and trying to stuff the peppermint horse treats into that small pocket of your riding pants? The worst thing is, I forget about them and I end up finding them in my dryer!

Just imagine you show up in the barn with these cute Gypsy Vanner pouches? No more dirty pockets! Choose from three handy sizes: 4x6, 9x6, 12x8.

Browse my "Gypsy Vanner Pouch Collection" here:

3. Cowgirl Coffee Mugs

I know what you thinking....another coffee mug! But, this is a special "Cowgirl Collection" and a must-have for the hard core cowgirl that doesn't mind getting dirt on her boots and always puts her horse first!

Check out my entire "Cowgirl Collection" here:

4. Wonder Woman

There is a "Wonder Woman" in all of us, especially when you are a working mom, a home-based business owner or a stay-at-home mom trying to run the house hold! And we all love some appreciation. The most important thing is, to stay organized and on task. How about these amazing "Wonder Woman" notebooks, that will keep us on track and motivate us each and every day?

Check out my entire "Wonder Woman Collection" here:

5. Horse Themed Holiday Cards

Sometimes a simple card with your well wishes for the holiday season is enough for your next door horse friend. But where can you find original themed cards that you don't see in every store? Check out my horse collection and simply pick a design and create your very own. Cards are 5x7 and you can personalize it with your own message.

Browse my "Card Collection" here:

Still torn of what to get for your horse friend? There is way too much in my store to mention it all here, so why don't you head on over and browse through my catalog:

I really hope, this little guide was helpful and gave you some ideas. Sometimes the simple things can be special, if it comes with you from your heart and love!

Happy Holidays from your Equine Photographer, Anett

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